A Few Notes Before Downloading RMS Mix


In our first release of RMS Mix (June 2015), we are primarily focused on its use as an adjunct resource to Sinfonia and RMS Coach. For now, the Desktop download presented here is equivalent to the Sinfonia download, since this comes bundled with the RMS Mix application. The RMS Coach installer also comes bundled with RMS Mix. If you want to use RMS Coach and RMS Mix together, you can download that installer here.

iOS and Andoid installers are also available on the Download page. You will be able to share data to these platforms after the Desktop version is unlocked.

The standalone RMS Mix installer is available for certain titles. We will regularly add to the catalogue over time.

Our free trial is completely functional and contains all the features and sounds you'll find in the full version. The only difference is that the trial limits you to the first portion of the show.

We want you to be completely satisfied with our products. That is why we offer a free trial. Please take the opportunity to test the software thoroughly on your equipment prior to purchase. Afterwards, once we have sent your unlock code, we cannot offer any refunds.