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Rehearsal Live Share


Welcome to RMS Coach with Rehearsal Live Share!     

Our Rehearsal Live Share technology (RLS) for use with MIDI data and 20 person sessions is now available. It is bundled into our RMS Coach rehearsal software. Before downloading, please be aware of the new technical requirements:


Minimum Tech Specs for RLS


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Existing RMS Coach Customers

Our first goal was to make something available to our existing RMS Coach customers. There is no charge if you already have a license. Just update to begin using RLS at any time.


Using Your Own Content With RLS

You absolutely can use your own content with RLS. Please check out RMS Creator, our platform for doing your own thing!


Additional Notes & Getting Help

Please see this post for additional comments about the current RLS release for RMS Coach.

In short order, we will incorporate RLS into our other resources, as well as expand the feature set.

There will certainly be many questions about how to get started with RLS. We are working as fast as we can to put together help articles, video walk-thrus, and other support materials. Here's a centralized page with key information - and we will add to this in the days and weeks ahead. But if you encounter something we haven't yet covered, feel free to contact us so we can be of assistance.