Rehearsal Live Share

Sharing with non-participants through Zoom


Thanks for your interest in Rehearsal Live Share!

The above video walks through the exact steps required to successfully share a RLS session with non-participants through Zoom. Make sure to do all the steps in the exact order listed for best results.

  1. The director of the RLS session initiates a Zoom call with audience members (non-participants).
  2. Director shares screen in Zoom with audience members.
  3. When sharing screen, select Share Computer Sound and Optimize Screen Share for Video Clip at bottom left.
  4. Select Desktop as view and hit Share on bottom right.
  5. Launch RMS application (RMS Coach or RMS Mix).
  6. Go to menu RMS Coach (or RMS Mix) → Preferences in the program menu and select Audio. Set output to ZoomAudioDevice.
  7. Go to menu Tools → Rehearsal Live Share and begin your RLS call.

Feel free to contact us if we can be of any assistance.