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Introducing RMS Coach®

Give every cast member on-demand access to a personal piano/vocal coach.

About RMS Coach®

The premier rehearsal resource. Give every production and cast member on-demand access to a personal piano/vocal coach.

RMS Coach is a powerful rehearsal tool to help your production be its very best.

RMS Coach gives cast members, directors, choreographers, music directors (anyone who needs to rehearse) on demand access to the full piano/vocal accompaniment of your musical. Just about anything you can imagine a piano coach doing to teach a musical number can be done with RMS Coach: isolate parts, mute them entirely, bring them up or down in volume, speed up, slow down, transpose, vamp and much, much more. Best of all, everyone involved with the show can use it on his or her own computer.

So any number of RMS Coach rehearsals can happen simultaneously at any given time: in the rehearsal studio, in the classroom, at home, - anywhere there's a computer. You'll be amazed by how quickly and how thoroughly the show is learned!

RMS Coach® Support

Click here to view the RMS Coach Documentation!

Getting Started with RMS Coach®

To set up the program, all you need is a Windows or Macintosh computer with the required specs found here.

For further details, the following articles might be useful:

Note:  If you are interested in using RMS Coach for an MTI show, you will need to contact them to acquire the program. Please note, RMS Coach goes by the brand name RehearScore for MTI-licensed shows.

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