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Introducing Sinfonia®

The industry leader in orchestra enhancement, when you can't put together a full band. 

About Sinfonia®

The industry leader in orchestra enhancement, when you can't put together a full band. 

For over fifteen years and approximately 100,000 performances, Sinfonia® has been the leader in orchestra enhancement technology.

From Broadway to the West End to Cirque du Soleil to thousands of professional and amateur theatres around the world, Sinfonia has been the premier resource for organizations that need help putting together a full orchestral sound.

Whether licensed under the brand names OrchExtra® (for Music Theatre International productions), InstrumentalEase® (for Rodgers & Hammerstein productions) or as independent projects, Sinfonia is the technology that delivers power, quality, flexibility and service.

Sinfonia is patented technology for achieving realistic and performance accurate orchestral enhancement. It sounds just like an orchestra! It is also an innovative musical instrument that follows a conductor’s tempo and responds to constantly changing musical nuance during live performance. Sinfonia is capable of enhancing and supporting a live ensemble of any size. Its user friendly and intuitive programming allows you to personalize your musical expression.

Sinfonia® Support

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Getting Started with Sinfonia®

To set up the program, you will, at minimum, need three basic things:

  1. Windows or Macinstosh computer with at least 4GB RAM, dual core CPU, sound card and minimum OS of Windows 7, Macintosh OSX 10.11 or later.
  2. a MIDI-enabled keyboard
  3. a way to connect the keyboard to your computer

Of course, it's possible to add to this for a more sophisticated implementation. Click here for more detailed information and equipment recommendations.

For further details, the following articles might be useful:

Even if you don't have a keyboard to use with Sinfonia, you can still download the demo and play around with the features of the program. You can use your computer keyboard to get an idea of how the program works, and the first few songs of the show will be active.

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