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How can I use the RMS Accounts system to establish a cast and share content with them?

Beginning September 18, 2018, we started transitioning to a new accounts based ststem for delivering and unlocking content. This will be a gradual process, as we continue to support older versions of our resources, while simultaneously implementing newer, more flexible, and more convenient methods. In the coming weeks we will update this page, as well as add new help articles and tutorials. Please bear with us!

With this change, a typical booking will have two main categories of user:

  • The Owner - this is the person who initiated the purchase and is responsible for giving access to the cast and production team.
  • The Cast - everyone else

The Owner is in control of who gets what content. It's a two step process:

  1. Inviting your cast.
  2. Sharing your show with that cast.

Once the above is done, the Cast merely has to login to retrieve content. Unlock codes and the general unlock process will thus become a thing of the past.

So the next instructions really only apply to the Owner, who is the only one with a few administrative tasks to perform.

Inviting Your Cast

To provide access and deliver the show for RMS Mix users, the Owner must first invite his or her Cast to join the show. This video tutorial describes the process. The video was first created as an aid for our Chromebook users, but the process for inviting cast members is the same. 

Sharing Your Show

Once your cast is established, you'll want to stay on the RMS Accounts page. From there:

  1. Click the Shows link at left. This will bring up a list of your available bookings.
  2. Select your booking by clicking the checkbox to its left.
  3. Click the Actions pop-up menu and select Share.
  4. This brings up a window of possible cast members. You can select All confirmed cast members to select everone - or you can select members individually if you want to define a subset. Click Okay when done.

That's it!

Once that's done, all your cast needs to do is sign in using Facebook, Google or an individually created account. They will be prompted to do so on their phones or tablets when following the earlier instructions we sent out. So hopefully this change will not be too much of a curveball.

Again, we are in the early stages with this change. These instructions will be smoothed out and supplemented with additional video guides and tutorials. Thank you for your patience - and of course, please contact us if you need any assistance.