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Rehearsal Live Share - Early Questions

We’ve gotten an incredible early response to our RLS product announcement. This FAQ is meant to respond to some of the common early questions.

First, if you haven’t seen the following announcements or videos yet, they will walk you through the RLS mission, as well as provide further context:

What is Rehearsal Live Share? How does it Work?

  • Rehearsal Live Share (RLS) is a remote music rehearsal technology that allows a primary user (the “director”) to hear one or more musicians (the “participants”) perform ensemble music over the internet. RLS utilizes some form of accompaniment track, either a MIDI file or audio recording, to be controlled by the director; and then subsequently performed along with by each participant. During performance, only the director can be heard by each participant, and the participants are purposefully unable to hear each other. This is because each participant, located in a different place geographically, will hear the accompaniment track at slightly a slightly different time. Nevertheless, on the director’s computer, RLS instantly assembles a synchronized version of each participant’s performance, allowing the director to hear the music as if it were performed live.

When will RLS be available?

  • The first beta version launched in May 2020. As of the 8/26/20 v1.04 release, it is now for 20 person sessions in both RMS Mix (for standard audio) and RMS Coach (for MIDI data). We have a long list of features and enhancements we intend to add. So each month going forward will see an expanded and more versatile resource.

Can I use Rehearsal Live Share with content not developed by RMS?

Where do I download RLS?

How much does it cost?

Is there a general information guide for getting started?

How do you handle security? What about Zoom Bombing?

  • When you initiate an RLS session, you invite specific people to join. It is not possible to enter a session without your explicit authorization.

Will my students have to pay to access RMS Creator content or RLS?

How many people can rehearse together with RLS?

How does RLS handle latency?

Can I utilize Rehearsal Live Share for instruments other than voice?

  • Glad you asked, read on here.

What do people on an RLS session hear?

Can you recommend equipment for RLS use?

What are some of the longer term plans for RLS?