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Getting Started With Rehearsal Live Share






To start an RLS session, simply select menu Tools → Live Share in the underlying app (e.g. RMS Coach or RMS Mix).

This will bring up a list of people associated with your booking, your Cast. To guard against unwanted access, only established cast members can participate in a session. There is a circle next to each cast member's name. If the circle is green, the person is available online. Click on a name and click the Start Rehearsal (for multiple cast members, use Command + Click on Mac or Control + Click on Windows). The person(s) on the other side will receive an invite notification, which he or she must accept to join the session.

It's important to understand the roles associated with an RLS session. The person who initiates is considered the Director. Everyone else is a Participant. The director controls the backing music for all participants. S/he will hear a synchronized signal of all participant audio, together with the accompaniment. The director can comment to participants in real-time - but is not meant to perform along in any way. Participants hear the accompaniment along with any director comments, but not other participants in real-time. Participants may adjust their relative mix in the RLS Mixer view, but otherwise will not interact with the RMS Coach playhead.

There are three views selectable from the upper right corner of the RLS window:

  1. Gallery - This is similar to other video conferencing apps, with everyone's video feed arranged in a grid pattern.
  2. Director - In this view, all participants will always see the director in the foremost position. The director meanwhile will see the person with the main audio signal. In the case of simultaneous participant voices, arrow buttons allow the director to navigate to other participants.
  3. Mixer - This displays everybody on a separate a mixer channel, which may be adjusted independently. There is also a channel for the backing accompaniment. Altogether, this gives all involved a way to set a customized mix for the session.

Participants have a Leave Rehearsal button. When they click it, they leave the session, which then still continues. The Director has an End Rehearsal button.  When they click it, the session ends for everyone.


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